Feb 4, 2013

Mom's back in the Kitchen

We're happy to say that Anna, aka "Grand-Mom" is back in the kitchen. She wouldn't let a little thing like a car crash, hospital stay and a few broken bones deter her  from making Pizza's!

Stop on and say hi and welcome back. Don't bring her flowers, but she does like greenery!  Order a Pizza, and we'll help out with this Coupon.

Feb 1, 2013

Welcome to AD's

Welcome to our new Site, be sure to sign up for notifications from this Blog, including Meal Specials and Events from the Blitzburgh Fan Club!.

JOIN US this Sunday to root on the 49'ers ... not that we like them, just that we REALLY don't like the Ravens!

Hope to see you there, or let us do your cooking for you ... Wings, Skins, Pizza and Grinders to go!