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Quick service, very good pizza.
Moved back to the area and was thrilled to find that the pizza is even better than it was years ago! The crust is fabulous! Nice to see a pizzeria that still uses corn meal in their ovens.
Best pizza I ever had. I love the corn meal on the bottom of the crust. The same recipe passed on for over 50 years.
Ok folks, if your looking for some seriously fantastic pizza, look no further.
Another great dish is their lasagne!
Great sauce and cheesy! Ask for Alfi if you go!
II live in Windsor a mile from a pizza restaurant and I've gotta say I am willing to drive the extra two or three miles to get Ads Pizza its always very good.
The most awsome pizza in the entire world .......the grandmother well you better tip her extremely well cause it is totally worth it !!
You will not find a better example of great tasting real Italian pizza anywhere within 50 miles of AD'S pizzeria.
Having tried the world re-known pizzas of New Haven, New York and Chicago, it is with great ease that I put AD'S Pizzeria in their company. A hidden gem worth traveling any distance or including in any itinerary.
Checked this place out and tried their pizza. Family owned establishment 3rd generation. Can appreciate the original sauce and dough recipes. Nice thick crust and plenty of sauce with a sweet and tangy kick that adds a robust flavor.
My husband and I have been regulars here for almost 20 years. We even had our wedding rehearsal dinner in the main dining room. It is a family run business that makes a fantastic, homemade, thick crust pizza. The staff is friendly and takes care of their customers.
Web Designer Note:  I've been eating AD's Pizza for almost 45 years,  I still love it - and now so do my kids.

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  1. My husband always tells me to ask if "mama" is cooking tonight - he says her pizzas are the best!