In the mid-1990s, Ad’s Pizza, well known in the region for over 50 years, moved to its current and largest location yet.

Owner John DeLeo's first location was in a small spot on the old Main Street, a small spot with seating for about eight. He grew the business over the decades, and moved to larger and better locations, all in Windsor Locks.

Upon John's passing, the task of running the Restaurant went to his Wife Ana, and their two Children Joe and Alfie.

The Steelers Fan Club was an idea  from Jim Tillona, a customer and Steelers fan like restaurant co-owner Joe DeLeo and his deceased father (they used to watch most every game together).

So, as the 1995 season began, the Steelers Fan Club had its debut with 40 members and a Steelers Super Bowl appearance. Soon, word of mouth began to spread and membership grew (now over 200 fans per game).

Fan of the Steelers or not, stop in and say Hi and enjoy some great food! (Alfie's the one in the Cowboys Jersey on Game Day, always one in a crowd!)  

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